Integrated Vessel Control

Since its inception, Meridian Yachts has been building an unparalleled reputation for delivering superior maneuverability on the water. It's a major pillar of Meridian's yacht building philosophy. Meridian owners have come to expect that when docking and negotiating tight quarters like crowded marinas and busy fuel docks, their vessels will perform reliably, predictably and with the utmost precision - crisp turns, smooth strafes, basically full range of motion. What's more, they demand an interface with a natural, responsive and intuitive feel. In short, they want a perfectly obedient boat.

Enter IVC, Meridian's latest step in the quest for ultimate maneuverability. Short for Integrated Vessel Control, IVC is an proprietary system developed by Meridian's engineers to simplify the operation of bow and stern thrusters so they work in concert. IVC is available on Meridian 341, 391 and 441 Sedans featuring twin inboard engine configurations coupled with bow and stern thrusters. (IVC is not available on models equipped with Zeus pod drives.)

IVC takes any complexity out of directing thrusters simultaneously. Through a helm-mounted control shaped to resemble a boat, IVC interprets the captain's movements and instantly translates them into separate instructions for the bow and stern thrusters. The experience is fully intuitive, regardless of which direction you face; push the control left, and the vessel slides to port; twist it right, and the vessel rotates clockwise.

A seasoned captain who is accustomed to performing slow-speed maneuvers with his or her boat's thruster controls will have no trouble making the transition to the new interface. You simply push the IVC control in the direction you want to go. "IVC is a robust, rock-solid technology that Meridian owners can rely on," says Kevin Shaw, an engineering manager at Meridian Yachts who helped develop the docking system. "We deliberately kept the system streamlined to provide dependable control. IVC gives captains the subtle touch they're after - plus, it provides them options: They can still choose to operate the thrusters independently."

In the end, it all boils down to confidence. The technology at the helm is thoughtfully designed and thoroughly proven to provide captains with the assurance and peace of mind that their Meridian is under their complete control.

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