Complete Navigation

Complete Navigation

One of Meridian's chief goals is to deliver the most effortless, comfortable cruising experience on the water. A significant aspect of that effort is simplifying and streamlining vessel control and maneuverability, which includes developing and integrating proven, technologically advanced vessel-control systems into its yachts.

All traditionally powered Meridian models come standard with bow and stern thrusters, which provides an advantage over many competing brands. But Meridian does not stop there. Meridian's proprietary Integrated Vessel Control (IVC) system links these components for intuitive single-handed operation, no matter which direction the captain is facing.

The state-of-the-art Zeus system from Cummins-MerCruiser Diesel offers unmatched handling and fuel efficiency through twin, independent pod drives mated to Cummins diesel engines. Zeus provides incredible low-speed maneuverability; when operated by its helm-mounted joystick controller, the Zeus system allows the captain to dock, hold position in close quarters and perform other complicated maneuvers with ease.

Meridian Yachts are also available with Mercury's SmartCraft vessel integration technology, which monitors performance diagnostics and links vital components through a real-time communications network. Information is routed to the helm and accessible via a multifunction display. Among a range of useful functions, SmartCraft can assist in trip planning; it estimates how far a tank of fuel will take you and provides guidance on operating your vessel for efficient fuel use.

The final component of complete navigation is the navigation system itself. Meridian offers powerful, reliable Raymarine products on all its yachts. Dome and open array radar antennas capture important navigation data like GPS coordinates and weather conditions, combining that information with preloaded electronic charts for comprehensive navigation assistance. Each Meridian helm is designed to easily accommodate a selection of Raymarine digital displays for optimal readability. And because all these advanced technologies work so seamlessly well together, captains can focus on all the joys of cruising without experiencing any of the hassles.